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Red or black maca?

Need an energy boost to kickstart your new year? 

Feeling out of sync with your body with the late nights, binge eating, etc? 

Time to consider reseting your body and hormones with maca supplement. 

We have been asked several times which maca – red or black – should a customer choose for their general wellbeing or specific needs. Here’s a closer look at the different maca varieties and whether they provide different health benefits. 

What is Maca?

Maca is a turnip root-like superfood, one of the few considered to be an “adaptogen“, that is able to raise overall life force, energy and vitality, and adapt to the needs of your body. Because of these adaptive properties, it is also called the Peruvian Ginseng.

Not all Maca varieties are the same. Yellow is the most common variety, followed by red maca and black maca.

Based on the current scientific evidence, we have summarized the effects of red maca vs black maca in a simple table. Choose based on your needs!

Source: Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012:193496Pharmaceuticals (Basel). 2016 Sep; 9(3): 49

  • Both maca has shown an increase in energy compared with placebo, although red maca showed a larger effect.
  • Two randomized controlled trials suggested a significant positive effect of both maca on sexual dysfunction in healthy menopausal women and healthy adult men.
  • Both red and black maca have protective effects on bone architecture.
  • Black maca is the only variety showing significant improvement in learning and memory.
  • Polyphenols in red maca may be related to its effect in reducing prostate size, while black maca has no effect.
  • Black maca has been shown to have effect in increasing sperm count and motility whereas red maca had no effect.

Based on the current evidence,

  • Red maca is more suitable for women (unless you are using it for prostate protection)
  • Black maca fits better with the needs of men

Where can I get authentic Peruvian Maca from the Andes?

Maca Vitae®
is a trademark that guarantees the authenticity of Andean maca, produced from the Peruvian highlands (departments of Junin 4500 meters of altitude) where maca’s reputation was born. There grows the best and highest quality maca.
This altitude is higher than the UNESCO listed Machu Picchu.

Due to worldwide demands, maca has been being introduced to other regions and countries (e.g. China) but the quality of maca is just not reproducible or comparable to that grown in the high Andes.

Red Maca is recommended for

  • Women undergoing menopause seeking hormonal balance
  • Anyone who wish to feel young again with a boost in energy and vitality
  • Women looking to increase libido
  • Bone density support in women and children
  • Men looking to use maca for prostate support

Black Maca is recommended for

  • Men wishing to increase sperm count and motility
  • Men wishing to boost their libido
  • Athletes, both men and women, looking for extra stamina and strength
  • Anyone looking to improve memory, concentration and focus skills
  • Anyone looking to improve their bone strength and density

How can I order Peruvian Maca?

Our Organic Peruvian Black Maca or Red Maca are certified EU organic and with Maca Vitae® trademark.

You are order them in this online store (please click on the respective product image above), or order from our store in Lazada SG or Shopee SG, please click on the logos below to get to our store.

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