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Purple overnight oats

Always rushing in the morning and don’t have enough time for a nutritious breakfast? Prefer to grab breakfast on the go?

If you have just 2 minutes every night – yes, 2 minutes is all you need – try this easy Purple Overnight Oats. No cooking required, just soaking!

Here are 3 healthy reasons why you should have Purple Overnight Oats for breakfast:

1. Easier to digest and higher in resistant starch

The process of soaking oats overnight breaks down the starches and make it easier to digest and also absorb the nutrients. The soaking acts like a slow cook, which you won’t get from just heating them in the microwave or on the stove. Most people find overnight oats much easier to digest than cooked oats for this reason.

Resistant starch is a natural type of carbohydrate linked to increased feeling of fullness, hence improved weight, and better digestion. Resistant starch is greater in cooled food than in cooked food. It is more easily diminished with hot, starchy foods. Resistant starch can help decrease insulin levels that can also spike when eating hot, cooked starches (e.g fried rice) versus cooled starches (e.g overnight oats).

2. Natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory that promotes cellular health

Purple corn has been the focal point of numerous medical studies on its impressive benefits on diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and cellular health, thanks to the special anthocyanins (cyanidin-3-glucoside or C3G) contained in purple corn.

Anthocyanins are anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidants that

  • keep us looking young (anti-ageing)
  • protect us from diseases from cellular level
  • encourage connective tissue regeneration
  • improve cell irrigation, calms and detoxifies

By adding one teaspoon of Antioxidant Peruvian Purple Corn extract into the soaked oats, you will get a boost of antioxidant and a host of health benefits. Click here to read about the scientifically proven health benefits of anthocyanins in Peruvian Purple Corn.

The darker the purple hues, the higher the concentration of anthocyanins.

3. Heart healthy

Beta-glucan in oat bran has a heart-healthy reputation as a cholesterol fighter. Soluble fibre in oats also helps prevent the development of atherosclerosis. It blocks LDL-cholesterol entering the blood vessel wall and causing thickening of arteries.

The anthocyanins in purple corn has anti-inflammatory effects on our blood vessels, it

  • protects our blood vessels from oxidative damage
  • promotes blood flow circulation
  • helps regulate our blood pressure and cholesterol.

Consuming overnight oats regularly is the good option to keep your health arteries.

So, ready for the recipe?

It is super easy – involves just pouring and closing the lid!

You will need:

  • One glass mason jar with lid (any size will do)
  • Organic rolled oats, filled to 1/3 level of the jar
  • 1 teaspoon of Antioxidant Peruvian Purple Corn extract
  • Milk of your choice (we prefer almond milk for extra flavour), to fill the oats to 2/3 level of the jar
  • 1 tablespoon of yoghurt (we prefer natural plain yoghurt with no flavouring)
  • 2 teaspoons of chia seeds (optional)
  • 2 teaspoons of honey of your choice
Step 1.

Fill 1/3 of the jar with rolled oats, and top up with milk to 2/3 level of the jar. Do not top up to the brim as we need space to add more nutritious ingredients.

Step 2.

Add 1 teaspoon of Antioxidant Peruvian Purple Corn extract, mix well. You will see some purple bits floating, it is the insoluble fibre from the purple corn.

Step 3.

Add 1 tablespoon of yoghurt, chia seeds, and honey. Stir well and close the lid. Refrigerate overnight.

Step 4.

In the morning, top with your favourite fruits and nuts.


Instead of topping the milk up to 2/3 level of the jar, just top up to 1/2 level and use the space to add in cut fruits and refrigerate overnight. If you are really time starved in the morning to cut fruits, this is an alternative, although eating freshly cut fruits is the most ideal way to absorb vitamin C. Storing cut fruits expose more surface areas to air for longer time and hence more vitamin C will be oxidized.

Featured ingredient

Antioxidant Peruvian Purple Corn 30:1 extract powder

  • An all-rounder natural antioxidant that keeps your body’s free radicals in check, protects you from lifestyle diseases, so that you don’t need to worry about spending more on other antioxidant supplements
  • Natural high strength extract 30: 1 (30kg of purple corn into 1 kg of extract powder) 
  • A spectacular ORAC value of 96,300 µmoleTE/100g!
  • 100% Raw . Vegan . Gluten Free . GMO Free

50g (1 month pack)

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