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Eco Superbee Wax Wraps (Beeginner set of 3 sizes)

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  • A set of small, medium and large wraps
  • 100% Organic GOTS certified cotton
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable, washable
  • Perfect as a gift

Seven bee-autiful designs to choose from!

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Say NO to plastic! Replace plastic wrap with 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly, reusable Superbee Wax Wraps.

Handmade from 100% organic cotton, OTOP-certified pure beewax, organic coconut oil, and tree resin, Superbee Wax Wraps are reusable, water resistant and antibacterial to cover and protect your food. They shape to objects and form a tight seal.

Unlike plastic, beeswax is a natural, nontoxic substance. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties helping keep things clean and reducing risks of contamination. Beeswax is also waterproof, yet still breathable, protecting your food from getting wet or wilted while locking in moisture, flavour and freshness.

Just Wrap It, Wash It, Re-use it!

This Beeginner Set comes in three different sizes (S, M, L) and makes a perfect gift:

  • 1 x Wax Wrap, 20 cm x 20 cm
  • 1 x Wax Wrap, 26 cm x 26 cm
  • 1 x Wax Wrap, 33 cm x 33 cm

Seven bee-autiful designs to choose from!

Small wraps are the jack of all trades – perfect for half a lemon, cookies, leftover vegetables, covering mason jars, or keeping odds and ends organized.

Medium wraps are ideal for storing snacks, while large wraps can cover most bowls and containers.

SuperBee Wax Wraps are fine and proven for cheese, but avoid wrapping meat or egg in them, as you cannot use water over 60°C to wash the wraps.

Be creative! Wrap a bar of soap for travel or a bouquet of fresh flowers. The possibilities are endless…

How do I wash Superbee Wax Wraps?

  • Just like a plate, wipe Wax Wraps down with a sponge or cloth, using a bit of warm water and eco-friendly detergent. Rinse off and leave to dry. Store with your tea towels.
  • Do not use water over 60°C to wash the wraps.

How long can I use my Superbee Wax Wraps?

  • Wax Wraps can be used up to 12 months. It depends on how much you use them, and how well you take care of them.
  • If they come into contact with hot surfaces or water over 60°C or 140°F the wax will melt and affect the durability of the product.

More questions? See the FAQs page from the manufacturer’s site.

About the manufacturer

SuperBee creates sustainable products from natural, locally-sourced raw materials to help you – and our planet – live happier, healthier lives. SuperBee is a social enterprise providing jobs in rural Thailand and promotes women empowerment and eco-friendly behaviour in South-East Asia.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Print designs

Flower Power SBEE02, Fruit Punch SBEE07, Purple Onions SBEE05, Summer Vibes SBEE06, Zig Zag SBEE03, Classic SBEE01

1 review for Eco Superbee Wax Wraps (Beeginner set of 3 sizes)

  1. Elena Kh.

    This product is an amazing alternative to the plastic bags and cling wrap!! I started to use it to wrap cheese, cut fruits and veggies. Bigger sizes are also good for bread. I noticed the fruits that I wrap in it are stored longer in the fridge…much longer. Perhaps the wax is antibacterial and at the same time it breathes. What is very important, this brand uses the wax that doesn’t stick to the table surface in Singapore weather. I have wraps from another brand and they are good too, but that wax melts easier in this heat and leaves some stains here a there. This SuperBee wraps are a bit more convenient from this point of view. This is what I’ll be buying as a gift to my friends from now on – this thingy is not just useful, but helps us to save mother Earth and educate others….. I love it!!

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